4 Warriors who need to play more, 3 that should get less run

The Warriors are struggling and need to alter their rotation to get back on track.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
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More playing time: Moses Moody

The counting stats do not jump off the screen, but Moody is ready for an expanded role. He is efficient and effective with the size to defend multiple positions. There will be mistakes from the 21-year-old, but the Dubs need to let him play through them.

In the only game he received over 30 minutes this season, Moody scored 21 points, grabbed five rebounds, and got two steals. In his second NBA campaign, he scored in double figures all four times he exceeded that playing time threshold.

Head coach Steve Kerr is slowly going to Moody more. He has averaged 23.5 minutes per game over the last six. It features four strong performances and two struggles. The 21-year-old will need some time to produce consistently. The Dubs should give him that chance because he has been their best wing so far this season.

Moody’s 0.4 VORP is sixth on the team, but highest among their wings. He has consistently shot around 36 percent from 3-point range and keeps improving. Coach Kerr should start Moses Moody over Andrew Wiggins and give him the lion’s share of the minutes. It is the only way the franchise will find out what he can do.