4 No-brainer trades Warriors should make before the deadline

The Warriors desperately need to make a trade before the Feb. 8 deadline.
Golden State Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy
Golden State Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy / D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Go for another All-Star

Could the Warriors trade for another All-Star? They need some talent and would love to find someone who can get buckets. If they are looking for a perimeter defensive fix too, that likely means finding one of the best players in the NBA.

Dejounte Murray is available, and the Warriors are rumored to be interested. The Hawks want two first-round draft picks for their All-Star guard. Golden State would likely only offer one, but may throw in Jonathan Kuminga if Atlanta makes it worth their while.

Dejounte to GSW

The Warriors get two dynamic scorers in this trade and could completely remake their rotation. Murray and Bogdanovic can both create shots and set up teammates. Is that enough to get Andrew Wiggins out of his slump and back on track? If they can get more from their current talent and add two key pieces, the Warriors could quickly be formidable again.

This would be a massive risk. The Dubs would be virtually all-in after making this move. It has not worked out for Dejounte Murray next to Trae Young. Would he fit next to Stephen Curry? It is impossible to know for certain, but Golden State needs to shake things up.

There is no 100 percent fix out there. Will the Golden State Warriors make a massive splash before the trade deadline? Stay tuned to find out.