Pass or Play with 5 Golden State Warriors trade targets if Chicago Bulls blow it up

Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors and Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors and Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Golden State Warriors have been one of the more active teams in the league in making trades, both over the span of the dynasty years and in the few short months since Mike Dunleavy Jr. took over the front office. It will come as no surprise if they pull the trigger on an in-season trade to upgrade the roster.

One place the Warriors can look for potential trade targets is the Windy City. The Chicago Bulls are off to a disappointing start to the season, and this time that may finally lead to a long overdue rebuild. The Bulls are a team stocked with veterans, a reality that belies its lack of on-court success.

If the Bulls decide to blow up their roster and start moving on from those veteran players any number of contenders will come calling. Should the Warriors make an offer for any players on the Bulls? Let's take a look at five veterans who could get moved and ask whether Golden State should pass or play on a trade.

Pass or Play: Torrey Craig

The Chicago Bulls were conservative this offseason, choosing to bring back all of the key pieces of their roster for another run and making just a few additions on the margins, including signing former Phoenix Suns forward Torrey Craig to a two-year minimum contract

Craig is 6'7" and well suited to defend both wings and forwards. He has moved into the starting lineup for the Bulls over Patrick Williams and is averaging career-bests in rebounding and steals. He is merely a good 3-point shooter, not a great one, but great two-way players are significantly more expensive.

If the Warriors can trade a nominal asset for Craig, or have him included in a larger deal, they gain another player who can defend opposing wings and forwards while not completely shrinking the court on offense.

Verdict: Play