1 Question for every Warriors player as countdown to NBA Playoffs begins

The Warriors have plenty of unanswered questions heading into the final weeks of the regular season.

Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry
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Can Andrew Wiggins bounce back when the games matter most?

Wiggins has been one of the most disappointing players in the NBA this season. He was an All-Star and the Warriors second-best option during their 2022 championship run. The 6’7 wing played stout defense, spaced the floor, and increased his shooting efficiency. Wiggins was just entering his prime and appeared ready to take off.

Last season, he played just 37 regular season games and had two lengthy absences. Wiggins returned for the playoffs and played well considering his final regular season game happened in February.

The 29-year-old was significantly worse this season. He rated near the bottom in most advanced metrics months into the season. Wiggins has played better in recent weeks and worked his way back to 153rd in value over replacement player (VORP) and 156th in win shares per 48 minutes. He is still below average but has improved significantly.

Can Andrew Wiggins step his game up in the postseason? He should be in the middle of his prime, but is 2022 Wiggins still in there? Is he capable of defending the opposition’s best scorer and spacing the floor for Golden State? The Warriors need him if they are going to qualify for the playoffs, but fans have not seen it thus far.