1 Question for every Warriors player as countdown to NBA Playoffs begins

The Warriors have plenty of unanswered questions heading into the final weeks of the regular season.

Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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Is this the final game for Klay Thompson as a Warrior?

There is no bigger question hanging over the franchise than the future of Thompson. He is on a $43.2 million expiring contract, and the two sides have been unable to reach an extension. Is Klay nearing the end of his Warriors tenure? Will the Splash Brothers be separated?

Thompson has been a crucial part of their dynasty. The Warriors do not have four rings without him. The five-time All-Star is one of the all-time great shooters. Every contender needs 3-and-D wings. In his prime, Klay was one of the best in the world.

Thompson has not been the same since missing two full seasons with devastating injuries. He still played a key role on their 2022 title team and averaged 20 points per game, but his defense and athleticism have slipped. Thompson is no longer a lockdown defender, and the 33-year-old has struggled to be an elite shooter. He will have to take a pay cut if he plans on staying in the Bay Area, but how much could decide his future.

These could be Klay Thompson’s final games with the only NBA franchise he has ever known. Fans will learn a ton about the Golden State Warriors over the next month-plus. Can they mount one more surprise run? Stay tuned to find out.