"Not a closet GM" - Is it time for Stephen Curry to take more control at the Golden State Warriors?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors
Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

By any measure Stephen Curry is still a top 10 player in the NBA. Arguably top five. Maybe top three. Even despite his recent two-game absence with a knee injury, the Golden State Warriors' current 7-8 record doesn't align with the status he's still held in as a player.

As was the case at times last season, many Warrior fans are bemoaning the waste of another great Curry season. It's still only early, and Golden State did make a strong start through the first eight games, but the recent six-game losing streak is a reminder that they're a fair way off the pace.

Stephen Curry has never been one to demand roster changes of the Golden State Warriors' front office, but is it time he starts having a larger say?

In contrast to some of the league's other superstars, Curry has often kept a space between himself and the front office. LeBron James has been the opposite, regularly requesting (or even demanding) certain roster moves across his career at multiple different franchises.

Just this offseason, Milwaukee Bucks' star Giannis Antetekounmpo put his own future on the agenda and the pressure squarely on the franchise. They responded by trading for Damian Lillard, a move that hasn't been without issue so far this season.

Curry's not like that. He hasn't needed to be. Four championships in the last nine seasons brings a strong bond and trust between star player and the front office. Speaking recently on The TK Show with Tim Kawakami, former Warrior GM Bob Myers sought to clarify Curry's standing amid speculation of his role in the Jordan Poole trade during the offseason.

Stephen Curry, Bob Myers
Stephen Curry and Bob Myers embrace after the Golden State Warriors victory over the Sacramento Kings in Game 7 of their 2023 playoff series / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

""You might say there's no one more deserving of (knowing) what's going on in the organization than Steph Curry. But if you know him, and I think a lot of the fans do … he's not a closet general manager," Myers said."

So should Curry step up and take more responsibility in roster decisions? During the recent spate of losses, some have ruled this squad out as capable of winning a championship. With the 35-year-old still in MVP-level form, does he need to push for change to get different teammate/s around him that can help strengthen his legacy?

The answer is no. Curry's legacy is largely built on his unselfishness, on being a superstar that never publicly demanded anything of his franchise. Now's not the time to start that, at least not while we're still just 15 games into the season.

Curry and the Warriors have often been rewarded for their patience. The result of that is chemistry and trust that drives success. Of course, Curry will always have his say in any major decision, but history suggests the current dynamic works just fine.