5 Things the Warriors must do before the trade deadline

The Warriors should try to accomplish these things before the Feb. 8 trade deadline.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Find an Andrew Wiggins deal

Wiggins was a crucial piece of the Dubs dynasty. He was arguably the team’s second-best player behind Stephen Curry during their 2022 championship. The former number-one overall pick scored, played stout defense, and sank open looks. Fans wish that Wiggins would return, but the franchise has struggled to get production this season.

The 28-year-old should be right in the middle of his prime, but he has been out of sorts the entire year. Wiggins is averaging a career-low in points, assists, steals, and minutes per game. He has connected on just 31.3 percent of his 128 3-point attempts this season and his defense has been non-existent. To make matters worse, the Warriors have a negative-14 net rating with him on the floor.

Wiggins has produced the seventh-worst value over replacement player (VORP) and the fifth-worst box plus-minus. There have been struggles on both ends of the floor, and Golden State should seriously consider letting him go.

It feels like a fresh start is in the best interest of both parties at this point. The Warriors cannot continue giving significant minutes to one of the worst players in the NBA by multiple advanced metrics. Maybe Wiggins can regain his All-Star form in a new home, but it is no longer working out in the Bay Area.