5 trades the Golden State Warriors should make to save their dynasty

The Warriors must explore trades if they want to return to title contention.
Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry / Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Warriors get other Hawks guard

The Hawks shopped Dejounte Murray before the trade deadline, but could not find a suitable deal. Golden State was mentioned not to be interested, but did their season change things? The Dubs need a ball-handler and would love to add someone capable of dropping 20 every night.

Murray will be one of the best players available this summer. He may not precisely fit Golden State’s mold, but Chris Paul turns 39 in May and many questioned his fit before arriving in the Bay Area. The Warriors need talent, ball-handling, and scoring. Murray checks those boxes and brings stout perimeter defense with it.  

Murray to GSW

If the Dubs can buy low on a former All-Star, why not? He has a player option in the summer of 2027 and makes under $30 million per season. Golden State would need him to return to form on defense and continue his improved shooting.

Both are significant asks, but something Murray is capable of in the right situation. He could get more time on the ball, especially if the 27-year-old is replacing Chris Paul.

Finding someone who fits is important for Mike Dunleavy Jr. and the Warriors front office. If they do not believe in Murray, they should be exploring other options, including a former Jazz All-Star who is no stranger to trade rumors.