Golden State Warriors: The underrated aspect to Klay Thompson's recent good form

Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors
Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Golden State Warriors' veteran Klay Thompson has rightfully faced criticism for his form this season, but the sharpshooter is in the midst of righting the wrongs as he and the franchise seek to find some consistency and momentum.

Thompson has hit his best stretch of the season after he was controversially benched in the final six minutes of last week's loss to the Phoenix Suns. Since that point, the five-time All-Star has recorded 30, 24 and 28-point game's to help silence the critics.

Klay Thompson's passing and general decision-making has been a major highlight over the Golden State Warriors' last three games

The 33-year-old's improved scoring has fairly taken the headlines, particularly on Sunday where his 28 points helped the Warriors past the Portland Trail Blazers despite just seven points from fellow splash brother Stephen Curry.

Yet it's not simply the fact that his shot is beginning to fall. That end result has been a product of Thompson's improved patience and decision-making, something that's shown up in more than just the scoring department.

Thompson has nine assists and just one turnover across the last three games -- on the surface that's nothing overly noteworthy, but it's an underrated element given he had a total of seven dimes and 12 turnovers in the previous six outings.

The four-time champion is playing in a much simpler manner and is allowing the game to come to him. Have an open shot, take it. If not, move the ball on. If two men jump at him out on the perimeter, find the roller and allow the offense to take advantage of an outnumbered situation.

Of course, some of it is just shooting variance -- Thompson has made 17 of his 31 (54.8%) three-point attempts over the last three games. That won't continue moving forward, yet neither will the career-worst levels that he was shooting at to start the season.

If the process is right, fans will live with the result of Thompson's shooting. It's when he forces the play that things go awry, and where he can become a 'ball-stopper' and accused of 'chucking shots'.

The last three games has provided a reminder of what Thompson is capable of -- that even though he may not be same player defensively, he's still one of the most potent and dangerous shooting threats in the league. Building that consistency will be huge as the Warriors seek to find a sustainable second option alongside Curry.