5 Unpopular trades Warriors should explore this summer

The Warriors must make some unpopular moves this offseason to accomplish their goals.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
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3. Trade Chris Paul and picks for impact players

The Warriors dumped Jordan Poole’s contract on the Wizards and got CP3 in return. Paul was never the perfect fit in the Bay Area. The future Hall of Famer gives the Dubs an extremely small backcourt when playing next to Stephen Curry, and he is not exactly the ideal ball-handler for their free-flowing offense.

The 38-year-old has no guarantees on his contract for the 2024-25 season. Golden State can make him a free agent. That is fine if the goal is saving money, but the Dubs need production if they plan to contend.

They could guarantee is $30 million contract and use the expiring deal as a trade chip in a blockbuster. The Warriors would need to add draft picks, but they would be in the market for a star or multiple role players to boost their roster. If the Hawks become sellers, the Dubs may be able to pull off a trade like this.

Murray to Dubs

Golden State would bet on Murray’s defense bouncing back on a contender. He could play next to Stephen Curry and handle the ball a bit more. Bogdanovic is a skilled scorer and ball-handler in his own right, and the Warriors increase their size and versatility with this trade.

It is just one of many trades the Golden State Warriors could explore with Chris Paul’s $30 million expiring contract. The deal may not be popular with fans as parting with more draft capital makes their future uncertain, but desperate times call for massive swings.