Grade the Trade: Warriors add former Sixth Man of the Year and shot-blocking center in recent proposal

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors
Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Are we sure it's a certain upgrade? This is the issue with trading Wiggins -- he plays a role that's still vitally important to what the Warriors want to do, and he still acts as a barometer of sorts when he's anywhere near his best.

Brogdon's a more consistent on-court piece who would be incredibly valuable if Chris Paul were to depart, giving Golden State another reliable ball-handler and playmaker who's also got the size and off-ball shooting to play next to Curry for significant stretches.

He also has a lengthy injury history which Wiggins doesn't, providing a risk that the Warriors may not necessarily be willing to take. Then there's the element of Williams' injury history, with the 6'9" big man playing 35 games or less in four of his of his six NBA seasons.

Even if healthy, Williams would essentially provide another version of what Golden State unearthed this season in Trayce Jackson-Davis. The pair wouldn't be able to together, and there's still a likelihood that Golden State's best lineup would feature both on the bench with Draymond Green at center.


The value of this trade is about right from a Warrior perspective, but it seems like too much of a sideways move that wouldn't have the necessary impact the franchise desires. Brogdon and Williams would more likely than not be bench players, which doesn't particularly assure a return to the playoffs let alone anything close to championship contention.

Any Wiggins trade should involve adding young pieces and/or future picks in a package for a genuine All-Star level talent. Anything less and it feels like they'd be destined for another season of mediocrity.

Grade: C-