Grade the Trade: Warriors send Draymond home, add Steph stopper in vital 3-team pitch

The Golden State Warriors need to make a big swing this summer. This trade proposal sends Draymond Green home and adds a two-way star alongside Stephen Curry.
Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Building the 3-team trade

Trading Draymond Green requires finding a trade partner who is looking for veteran defensive help and can talk itself into managing Green's personality. That list is probably longer than Green's detractors would like to believe, but it's certainly not the entire league that would be lining up to discuss a deal.

One option, however, is a team close to Draymond Green's heart; his hometown Detroit Pistons. The Pistons look like a team desperate to stop rebuilding and start winning, and they will likely make moves this summer to move past the rebuild and fight for a Play-In berth. Their defense has been something of a joke the past few seasons, and Draymond would step in and give them a true difference-maker who could pair in the frontcourt with Jalen Duren and give them some defensive mettle.

The players the Pistons have to offer in a trade don't do much to move the needle for the Warriors, however. That requires a third team to enter the picture, a team ready to start moving key players to embrace retooling. The Brooklyn Nets need to diversify their pool of young players and are unlikely to benefit from the prime of Mikal Bridges if they hold onto him with their current roster around him.

Here is a three-team proposal that would land Bridges in San Francisco, Draymond back in Michigan and a wealth of young players and picks in Brooklyn:

Warriors send Draymond to Pistons, Mikal to Dubs

The Brooklyn Nets will need to be incentivized to trade Bridges, and to this point, they have rebuffed all offers for him. This deal attempts to find the right mix of picks and players. Isaiah Stewart gives them size on the interior, a struggle with their relatively lightweight frontcourt. Jaden Ivey is a buy-low chance on a prospect many loved in the draft, and he has a chance at developing into their long-term starter in the backcourt.

The picks are what truly bring this deal home, however. With Curry in his late 30s, the Warriors' drop-off is coming, and there is a lot of upside for those picks if the Warriors cannot find a new No. 1 star to replace Curry. Maximizing the next couple of seasons means a lot of risk past that, and the Nets would collect on the upside of that risk. Finally, they get back their own 2027 second from the Pistons, setting them up to benefit if they are bad that year.

This deal could be enough for the Nets to move on from Mikal Bridges, and it might be attractive to a Detroit team that desperately needs a player like Draymond. What about the Warriors? Would this deal make sense for them to consider this summer?