Grade the Trade: Warriors give up 3x champ, former lottery pick for skilled big in proposed deal

Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks
Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The Golden State Warriors need to be open to change this offseason and moving forward, that much was acknlowedged by veteran forward Draymond Green on a recent episode of his podcast.

While that change could stem from further internal development from their talented young players, the Warriors' roster is also expected to see a significant shift through free agency and potential trade moves.

A recently proposed trade sees the Golden State Warriors add an energetic skilled center from the 2021 NBA champions

Golden State have needs all over the floor -- though adding a second offensive star to pair with Stephen Curry is often viewed as the priority, it's the defensive end where they actually struggled more this offseason.

Finding lineup balance will be a key point for Steve Kerr this offseason. Too often he was left to prioritize one end of the floor over the other -- do the Warriors go small with Draymond Green at center which limits their defensive capacity, or do they play a second big man which fortifies that end but leaves them with a lack of spacing offensively?

Here's where adding a skilled big will be important for Golden State. It doesn't need to be a star, perhaps not even a starter, but just someone who can be a consistent contributor more in the realm of Otto Porter Jr. in 2022 rather than the JaMychal Green and Dario Saric types of the last two seasons.

Josh Cornelissen recently proposed a trade that sees the Warriors get there hands on Brook Lopez from the Milwaukee Bucks. While there's been whispers of the 7'1" being available this offseason, let's look at another suggested deal that may be a little more realistic for Golden State: