Grade the Trade: Warriors give up huge asset for two-way forward in proposed deal

Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets
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Kevin Durant. LeBron James. Brandon Ingram. Paul George. Lauri Markkanen. Donovan Mitchell. There's been no shortage of players linked to the Golden State Warriors as potential trade targets already this offseason.

Many of those are likely to be unrealistic, particularly in the way of all-time greats in Durant and James. Even in the case of someone like Markkanen, you just know Danny Ainge is going to ask the world in return for Utah's number one asset.

But what if the Warriors were to try and dial it down a little? Aim for someone who's yet to make an All-Star game, but is nonetheless a player who would have a considerable impact and who's also a perfect fit on paper. Enter Mikal Bridges.

Could the Golden State Warriors offer a package lucrative enough to pry Mikal Bridges away from the Brooklyn Nets this offseason?

Bridges' name has been bandied around in speculation pretty much since his arrival in Brooklyn, having been dealt by the Suns to the Nets in the Durant trade of February last year. Many teams, most notably the Houston Rockets, have continued to explore way to add Bridges and will undoubtedly try to do so again this offseason.

If anything the Nets may have missed their window to extract peak value from the 27-year-old. Once traded to Brooklyn, Bridges showed signs of developing into an All-Star player thanks to increased offensive usage and some elements of playmaking.

His season this year wasn't horrid by any means, but it wasn't to the standard that many had expected after his numbers late last season. The Nets finished with a disappointing 32-50 record, providing evidence that Bridges isn't that 'number one guy' that some had believed.

Brooklyn can now go two ways -- try and find that first option to pair with Bridges via trade, or deal the six-year veteran in the hope that a returning young player or future pick can develop into the face of the franchise.

In a recent article, Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz outlined a potential trade that sees Bridges head to the Warriors. Let's have a look and evaluate from both sides.