Grade the Trade: Warriors give up huge asset for two-way forward in proposed deal

Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets
Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets / Al Bello/GettyImages
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Bridges Trade

Andrew Wiggins' salary is going to be at the core of almost any deal for the Warriors this offseason, although they could also guarantee Chris Paul's contract if Brooklyn aren't keen on taking on the remaining three years of the Canadian's deal.

Golden State give up their best young asset in Jonathan Kuminga in this deal, enabling them to keep all but one of their future first-round picks. More on that later though -- let's start with how the Nets would look at this.

Would the Brooklyn Nets make this trade?

The trade would really depend on three factors from a Nets perspective. The primary one is obviously Kuminga and what optimism they have of the 21-year-old building on his breakout third season and developing into a star.

The franchise reportedly declined the Rockets' offer of another 2021 draftee, Jalen Green, for Bridges at February's mid-season deadline -- would Kuminga be any different? While Green had a strong end to the season, you could see why Kuminga would hold greater value given his size and potential two-way impact going forward.

The second factor would be Brooklyn's belief in recouping Wiggins' value, making his contract a positive one, and therefore flipping it for more young players/future picks somewhere down the line. Given the whole debacle with Ben Simmons, one could understand the Nets hesitancy in taking on such a contract even if the two shouldn't really be compared.

Lastly, how much do the Nets think Bridges will impact the Warriors right away? Does this trade catapult them back into the playoff picture, or could the 2025 pick be a lottery one or even inside the top 10?

Overall, this a reasonable deal for Brooklyn but it really hinges on how the franchise views Kuminga. Assuming they value him highly enough, is this deal worthy of the Warriors also agreeing?