Grade the Trade: Warriors give up huge asset for two-way forward in proposed deal

Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets
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Would the Golden State Warriors make this trade?

As much as the Warriors may be clinging on to the hope of Wiggins returning to his All-Star level from two years ago, there's little doubt that Bridges would be a major upgrade. He's just a better and more consistent version, offering Golden State a simple upgrade without having to adjust too much in regard to their system and starting lineup.

Bridges averaged 19.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists this season, while also being renowned as one of the league's premier wing defenders. His 43.6% shooting this season can probably be attributed to an overly high offensive workload, with the three-point shooting still standing at a healthy 37.2% which is around his career average.

Golden State essentially made Kuminga untouchable at February's deadline, and while he may be slightly less so this offseason given the franchise failed to make the playoffs, it will still take a big-name player in return.

Is Bridges that player? Probably not. He's six years in and is yet to receive an All-Star or All-NBA selection. Those honors could be possible with the Warriors, though seems unlikely given the plethora of talent in the Western Conference.

Dennis Schroder could be a valuable backup point-guard behind Stephen Curry, having averaged 14 points and over six assists across his stints with the Raptors and Nets this season. He's not the difference on whether you give up Kuminga or not, with that to be solely based on how you assess Bridges' projected impact vs. where you expect Kuminga to get to next season and beyond.


This isn't a horrible trade for the Warriors given Bridges' age and production, but giving up Kuminga for someone who hasn't made an All-Star team would seem a little desperate. Schroder may be a nice addition assuming Chris Paul departs, yet he's not a game changer for the franchise nor does he appear a Warrior-style player necessarily.

It's just not a deal that's likely to vault Golden State back towards the top of the Western Conference, and frankly they're better off taking the risk to see if Kuminga can further his ascension into being a downright better player than Bridges by the short-to-medium term.

Grade: C-