Grade the Trade: Warriors send CP3 home to land All-Star wing in blockbuster proposal

Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors
Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Grading the trade for the Warriors

As noted above, making this trade would commit the Warriors to a significant luxury tax bill yet again next season, and in staying above the second tax apron they would be limited in their team-building tools. This trade, in fact, would not be legal; they would need to cut salary to get below the second apron. That context is necessary.

If they can do that, however, perhaps by offloading a couple of smaller salaries or letting Klay Thompson walk, would this trade make sense? Brandon Ingram is a gifted scorer, a decent shooter and an underrated passer. He could viably serve as the second offensive option, but his value off-ball is not as strong as it would be on-ball. Put the ball in Ingram's hands, however, and Draymond Green's value on offense is diminished.

That's likely the case with any second star, however; if the Warriors commit to Jonathan Kuminga he will need the ball as well. Andrew Wiggins has fit in very well because he is equally valuable on-ball or off-ball. Trading for Ingram would build a three-headed forward rotation of Wiggins, Kuminga and Ingram, and either the Warriors play extremely big or one of them comes off the bench (Andrew Wiggins could also be the trade candidate to cut salary).

Ingram looks like more of a floor-raised as an on-ball star than a ceiling-raising co-star, but he also has never been placed in that position. Some players are maximized in Golden State (see Wiggins) and others are revealed to be poor fits (D'Angelo Russell). Which would apply to Brandon Ingram? And can they afford to make this commitment without knowing that answer?

That's also been the problem with the Warriors trading for a star, but if they are serious about maximizing Curry's remaining prime they may need to take that risk. The outcome can hardly be worse than fighting desperately to hold onto the 10th seed. This trade would swing for the fences; they may strike out, but it's at least possible they knock that ball into outer space.

Grade: B

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