Grade the Trade: Warriors send disgruntled forward to Portland in latest mock deal

Jonathan Kuminga and Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors
Jonathan Kuminga and Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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Laying out the trade

Finding a trade of "like-for-like" is almost nearly impossible, certainly in the modern era of the NBA. Generally rebuilding teams move on from win-now veterans, while contenders scoop them up. "Challenge" trades moving similar players for one another is not usually done, especially with prospects; a player's organization is likely still attached to the pick and often like their player more than they are worth to others.

That doesn't mean that they don't happen, however. The pathway to a challenge trade is for the two players to have different roles and skillsets. A team with a weakness in one area can address it while dealing from strength, and vice versa.

The problem for the Warriors is that they don't exactly have any strengths this year. The entire rotation is a disappointment. Yet one area that rises about the rest is of this team needing a secondary shot-creator and playmaker. Klay Thompson can shoot, Draymond Green can pass, but this team needs a more dynamic option on the perimeter.

Would this deal therefore make sense for both sides?

Kuminga Shaedon trade

The Portland Trail Blazers love Shaedon Sharpe, but they are also absolutely flush with backcourt options. What they could use is a young forward to develop; Toumani Camara has been solid but likely doesn't boast All-Star upside; Jonathan Kuminga instantly does. His athleticism would be an instant boon to this group and he has a clear path to a long-term starting position.