Grade the Trade: Warriors succumb to win-now pressure in disastrous proposed deal

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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The Warriors need a change and that's exactly what the following trade would provide, with the franchise adding more back court depth that could prove crucial if Thompson and Chris Paul depart in the coming weeks.

Here's what Conway has proposed:

JK Hawks trade

Would the Atlanta Hawks make this trade?

It's hard to evaluate proposed trades for the Hawks given they're in a position where they could go in either direction. Their fortune of landing the first overall pick in this year's draft has adjusted the thinking on their future, even if the back court pairing of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray are likely to be broken up regardless.

The issue with this deal is that it may require Young to be also be traded in a seperate deal. If there's one team around the league who may not be overly interested in Kuminga, it's Atlanta who already have their own talented young forward in Jalen Johnson, and who are likely to take another young front court player in the draft.

Perhaps if they trade Young as well and go into full rebuild mode, the Hawks may be more motivated to simply stockpile talent rather than necessarily focusing too much on how they fit on the court. That would lessen the value of Wiggins though who could otherwise be helpful if Atlanta were trying to remain competitive.

While this is reasonable value for the Hawks, it's not an absolute home run trade given the overlapping nature of Kuminga (and even Wiggins) with the abundance of front court options already at their disposal. Assuming they were happy to proceed though, would the Warriors also agree?