Insider reveals "huge day" that will provide indication of Warriors offseason plans

Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors
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The Golden State Warriors are preparing for a busy couple of months, headlined by decisions around the futures of franchise legend Klay Thompson and veteran point guard Chris Paul.

The Warriors retain control of Paul given he has a $30 million non-guaranteed contract for next season, but have less direction on Thompson who's headed to becoming an unrestricted free agent. Nevertheless, the two are inextricably linked as the franchise moves to balance their exorbitant payroll this offseason.

Anthony Slater has outlined the "huge day" that could determine the future of Golden State Warriors' pair Klay Thompson and Chris Paul

Things have been relatively quiet on the Warriors front since they were eliminated in the Play-In Tournament on April 16, but fans have now been given an indication on when they can expect movement this offseason.

Speaking to 95.7 The Game's The Morning Roast on Monday, The Athletic's Anthony Slater revealed June 28th as a "huge day" for Golden State just prior to the opening of NBA Free Agency.

"I think substantial signals will come towards mid-June into draft night, to June 28th which is a huge day I think for the Warriors because that is Chris Paul's guarantee date. That's when his $30 million is either guaranteed, or you either cut it off before that, or you use it in a trade."

Anthony Slater

Slater went on to suggest that if all or part of Paul's contract is used in a trade, then that could indicate Thompson's departure in free agency as the Warriors try to work their way under the NBA's second-tax apron.

It's worth remembering that Paul was acquired in a draft day trade for Jordan Poole on June 22 last year, before the franchise quickly moved to sign Draymond Green to a four-year, $100 million contract to begin free agency just over a week later.

Thompson's future appears a little more in the balance than that of Green's 12 months ago, with the franchise potentially using Paul's contract to find a replacement for the veteran sharpshooter if they have an indication of his departure.

As helpful as he was for the Warriors in his first season with the franchise, it appears highly unlikely that Paul's contract would become guaranteed without a trade being almost immediately forthcoming.