5 Klay Thompson trades the Warriors must consider if his play doesn't improve

The Warriors could seriously consider trading Klay Thompson if he does not improve.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
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4. Dubs target depth in Klay Thompson deal

Does head coach Steve Kerr trust his team's depth? Stephen Curry is the only Warrior currently playing more than 30 minutes per game for the season, but only the top seven are earning over 20 minutes each night. Is Kerr willing to lean on Moses Moody, Jonathan Kuminga, or Brandin Podziemski in the playoffs? If not, the Warriors should be searching for some depth in any trade.

Could Golden State trade Thompson for three rotation options? The Nets have a glut of wings and could be looking to shake up their roster around Mikal Bridges. This trade would not be easy to make but could look something like this.

Dubs go for depth

Brooklyn likely has little interest in Klay as they try to reshape their roster. They want a first-round pick for Royce O’Neale and Dorian Finney-Smith but have been unable to find a trade partner. Here they get a 2026 first-rounder, plus swaps in 2025 and 2027. This move lets the Nets add to their draft capital and stay in the hunt this season with Thompson.

The Warriors would put either Chris Paul or Spencer Dinwiddie on the block if they made this move. It gives them depth and needed size but is far from the perfect trade. Consider this one extremely unlikely, but is the type of move that the Dubs might have to explore if Klay Thompson continues to struggle.