Obvious rival team rumored as destination for expected Warriors' free agent

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs
Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Klay Thompson may headline a short list of Golden State Warriors' free agents, but he's not the only future hall-of-famer with whom the franchise will have to make a decision on this offseason.

Chris Paul is also expected to be a free agent, though that relies upon the Warriors waiving the 12-time All-Star's $30 million non-guaranteed contract for next season. Golden State's exorbitant payroll and Paul's status as a reserve makes that a fait accompli, unless the franchise wishes to guarantee the deal to utilize it as a trade asset.

An obvious Western Conference rival has been floated as a potential destination for Chris Paul should he depart the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have expressed a desire to bring Paul back -- most likely on a lower number -- but that puts them at the mercy of the 38-year-old signing with a rival team. Paul may have just completed his 19th NBA season, yet his form suggests he's still got something to give that could prove attractive to a number of teams. After some offseason speculation to the contrary, Paul willingly accepted a sixth-man role to lead a Golden State bench unit that ranked fifth in the league.

Still without that elusive NBA championship, one would expect Paul to prioritize joining a championship-contender in free agency. However, if it's about money, role and potential impact, there's one team that's an obvious destination.

The San Antonio Spurs had been floated as a candidate for Paul before the February trade deadline, but they've now been even more strongly linked as a free agency suitor by NBA Insider Marc Stein.

"A potential team to watch, should Paul and the Warriors part ways, is San Antonio. Among the early personnel rumbles in circulation: The Spurs could emerge as a Paul suitor if they decide to pursue some veteran know-how on a short-term contract basis to furnish presumptive Rookie of the Year winner Victor Wembanyama with more seasoned help in Year 2."

Marc Stein

The thought of the Spurs adding a veteran point-guard has been a tantalizing one for many fans, with French phenom Victor Wembanyama having delivered an incredible rookie season despite playing alongside similarly young teammates who didn't always put him in ideal positions.

Paul may not be top of San Antonio's wish list -- perhaps they may hold significant interest in Atlanta Hawks' All-Star Trae Young should he become available -- but pairing the 'Point-God' with 'Wemby' is nonetheless an obvious duo who could greatly benefit from each other's presence.

Paul averaged 9.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 6.8 assists in his first season with the Warriors, having shot 44.1% from the floor and 37.1% from three-point range in 26.4 minutes per game.