Potential Golden State Warriors trade partner emerges after dealing talented scorer

Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors
Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

In a frantic day that included a 25-game suspension for Cleveland Cavaliers' big man Tristan Thompson and the firing of Milwaukee Bucks' head coach Adrian Griffin, the Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat began Tuesday with a notable trade centered around Terry Rozier and Kyle Lowry.

The deal sees Rozier head to the Heat for Lowry and a lottery protected 2027 first-round pick, not that it's overly relevant for the Golden State Warriors given both teams are situated out East. Still, the move could signal a chain reaction for the Hornets of which the Warriors could get involved in.

The Charlotte Hornets and Golden State Warriors are expected to be active before the trade deadline, opening up the possibility of a move between the two teams

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojanarowski, "the Hornets aren't done dealing yet and plan to continue accumulating future assets." Golden State's 2026 and 2028 first-round picks are sure to have value around the league, particularly to a rebuilding Charlotte franchise who sit 13th in the East with a 10-31 record.

The next question is whether the Warriors would have any interest in the players that could be available. There's a reason the Hornets are towards the bottom of the league, with very little in the way of significant assets outside LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller who can be considered untouchables.

Rozier had been the most attractive target for rival teams, with the 29-year-old having averaged a career-high 23.2 points and 6.6 assists this season while shooting 45.9% from the floor and 35.8% from three-point range.

Gordon Hayward may be the most relevant name now from a Golden State standpoint. The Athletic's Sam Vecenie suggested the franchise as a good fit for the 33-year-old back in December, though he's far from the All-Star calibre player he once was.

Miles Bridges is a talented player and is a popular trade target according to Action Network's Matt Moore. However, the 25-year-old's domestic violence past is an indication the Warriors should steer clear, not to mention the familial link with forward Andrew Wiggins.

P.J. Washington is perhaps the only other noteworthy name to monitor, with the 25-year-old averaging 12.7 points and 5.3 rebounds in 28.5 minutes per game. The former lottery pick has seen his shooting splits dip this season, likely leaving him as nothing but a marginal difference-maker were Golden State to acquire him.

If both teams are to execute a deal together before the deadline, it's almost certainly going to be on the minor end and without the significant impact the Warriors need to climb out of the 18-22 hole they find themselves in.