Latest predicted contract for Klay Thompson would be great outcome for Warriors

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors
New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages

Klay Thompson's upcoming free agency is a source of conjecture right now, with the only real certainty being that the 34-year-old will need to take a hefty pay cut from the $43.2 million he made this season.

The slice in Thompson's next contract will be determined by a number of factors, starting with the degree of interest held by rival teams which is reportedly led currently by the Orlando Magic.

A recent estimated contract for Klay Thompson would be a great outcome for the Golden State Warriors in free agency

Are the Warriors going to be willing to pay overs for Thompson just for who he is as a franchise legend? How much of a discount is the five-time All-Star going to be willing to take just to remain with the only team he's ever known?

These are the questions that will ultimately decide what happens with Thompson, and whether his legendary career with Golden State will extend into a 14th season and beyond.

In a recent article offering 10 free agency predictions, Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes believes that Thompson will reject bigger offers (and perhaps a bigger role) elsewhere to remain with the Warriors.

"At the risk of letting sentiment take the wheel, Thompson will still return to the Dubs on a two-year deal that syncs with the timelines of Stephen Curry and head coach Steve Kerr. Let's set the official terms at two years and $40 million with incentives that could raise the total value up to $45 million."

Grant Hughes

While stopping short of being a team-friendly deal, this sort of contract would be a major win for Golden State and one that majority owner Joe Lacob should have no hesitation in agreeing to. Some believe that the Warriors could get Thompson on a contract less than $20 million annually, but that should be considered unrealisitc given the premium placed on shooting around the league.

As scarring as his final game was -- zero points on 0-for-10 shooting against the Sacramento Kings -- Thompson still had a strong second-half of the regular season where he averaged 19.4 points on 41.8% three-point shooting over the final 28 games.

Given there's the potential of the Magic offering something closer to $30 million per season, getting away with paying $20 million should be considered a win, while a two-year deal would also alleviate the risk that comes with a longer-term contract for someone of Thompson's age.