Predicting 8 Free Agency/Contract Outcomes for the Golden State Warriors

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2. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson's future has and will grab the biggest headlines from a Golden State standpoint, with his management and the franchise unable to come to terms on an extension throughout the course of the season.

While the Warriors could still sign Thompson to a new contract over the next 11 days, all signs point to the 34-year-old testing the free agency market where the Orlando Magic continue to be linked as the most likely destination should he depart.

Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus predicted last week that Thompson will head to the Magic on a three-year, $81 million contract, while ESPN's Bobby Marks suggested on Monday that the five-time All-Star could get a two-year, $70 million deal.

If Orlando or another rival team offer Marks' proposed contract, it's almost impossible to see Golden State matching should Thompson's management even give them that opportunity. NBC Sports' Monte Poole reported on Monday that the veteran sharpshooter is after at least a three-year contract -- a length that would take him through to his age 37 season.

Perhaps this is a heart-based over head-based prediction, but there should still be some optimism that Thompson's legacy at the franchise means too much to him, and that as a result he re-signs on a slight discount compared to what rivals may offer.

Outcome: Re-signs with the Warriors on a three-year $75 million contract (third-year player option)