Ranking 10 Free Agent destinations if Klay Thompson walks away from the Warriors

Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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No. 7: Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in a very interesting situation this summer. Regardless of what happens in the playoffs this season in this core's first trip to the postseason, the Thunder will enter this offseason as bona fide title contenders who also have a significant amount of cap space available, upwards of $35 million.

With so many key contributors still on rookie contracts -- Josh Giddey, Jalen Williams, Chet Holmgren and Cason Wallace are all in the rotation and on rookie deals -- the Thunder have a window with which to spend money ot upgrade the team before they have to pay the piper. Signing a win-now veteran like Thompson is not out of the question.

Klay could replace Josh Giddey in the starting lineup and give Shai Gilgeous-Alexander even more room to work. The Thunder have the defensive versatility to cover for him and would generate him a number of wide-open looks through their penetration-heavy offensive approach. Klay has also never played with a true stretch-5 like Holmgren, and the two could run some nasty sets together.

Sam Presti and the Thunder have historically taken things slow, and that's been his messaging this season as well even as the team shot up the standings. He will likely use that money in free agency to add players closer to his young core's timeline, perhaps using draft capital to go and get someone. He could also do nothing and let this young core continue to develop. The odds that he invests heavily in Thompson are probably low.