Ranking 11 Golden State Warriors Trade Assets This Offseason

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9. Trayce Jackson-Davis

After being selected with the second last pick in the 2023, Trayce Jackson-Davis' value has soared to the point where he may even garner a lottery pick in this year's draft. The 24-year-old 7.9 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in 16.6 minutes per game this season, including 16 starts of which 11 came at the end of the season where the Warriors went 9-2.

With a high IQ and top-tier athleticism, Jackson-Davis can be a presence on both ends of the floor as a rim protecter and lob/rim running threat. Adding to his value is his incredible contract which sees him under team control for the next three seasons at around $6.5 million total.

However, Jackson-Davis' value may be limited somewhat by his advanced age for a rookie, with the 24-year-old also slightly undersized and without a jump-shot at this stage. While he could hold value in a trade package this offseason, expect the Warriors to try and hang on to their young center.

8. 2025 First-Round Pick

The Warriors will be able to move this pick come draft night according to Marks. Rival teams will need to evaluate whether Golden State are set for another slide next season, or whether their veteran core can muster up another playoff run.

One can only assume that sending out this pick would be in a deal that brings back win-now help, leaving this as clearly the least desirable of the Warriors future picks despite the optimism surrounding next year's draft class.