Ranking 11 Golden State Warriors Trade Assets This Offseason

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors
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5. 2027 First-Round Pick

Curry will be 39 and Green 37 -- who knows if they're still in the league and at the Warriors, let alone playing any meaningful role on a good team. If rivals believe Golden State are doomed in the post-Curry prime, this pick will hold immense value as one that may lob in the top 10.

4. Brandin Podziemski

After being taken with the 19th pick last year, Brandin Podziemski defied expectation to play a significant role with the Warriors this season. The young guard averaged 9.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.7 assists, shot 38.5% from three-point range and led the league in charges, all factors that culminated in Podziemski being named to the All-Rookie First Team.

At the very least you've got a 20-25 minute rotation player on a rookie contract for the next three seasons -- that's an incredibly valuable commodity that could be a significant piece in a trade package this offseason.

Podziemski's trade value would be dependant on how a rival sees his upside -- can he increase his scoring output and be a threat at all three levels? Can he be a primary point guard as a lead decision-maker and ball-handler? Despite these questions, the 21-year-old is certainly one of Golden State's best assets.

3. 2028 First-Round Pick

Curry will be 40 and Green 38 years of age, with both needing contract extensions beyond their current deals to make it to this point. As unlikely as it would be that their major contributors in four years time, Curry's professionalism, hard work and pure skill shouldn't rule him out from being a meaningful player.

Regardless, teams will be desperate to get a hold of this pick, and the Warriors would be equally eager to have some protections on it to avoid disaster should they trade it this offseason.