Ranking the 3 biggest positives from the Golden State Warriors' season

Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors
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2. Trayce Jackson-Davis

Granted Podziemski may have been more impressive, having averaged exactly 10 minutes more than Trayce Jackson-Davis throughout the regular season. However, the Warriors are well stocked for guards (although that may change this offseason), while for a long time they've lacked genuine big men.

Golden State's reliance on Kevon Looney over recent years seemingly took its toll this season, with the nine-year veteran unable to perform at his expected standard. Fortunately, the Warriors unearthed a long-term starting replacement in Jackson-Davis.

Many 57th overall picks rarely ever make it to an NBA floor, let alone become a starter by their end of the rookie season. Yet after four years of college and now at 24 years of age, Jackson-Davis was evidently better prepared than most.

It's not hyperbolic to say that the 6'9" big man completely revamped the Warriors' playing style. For the first time in years they found a legitimate lob/roll threat on offense, combined with interior shot blocking defensively.

While he was impressive in brief stretches early in the season, Kerr took a while to commit to Jackson-Davis in a way many fans long wanted. Once he did Golden State found new strength, with the rookie center playing a key role in the franchise's strong end to the season.

He may not have star potential given his advanced age and lack of impact further from the basket, but Jackson-Davis projects as a nightly double-double threat who gives the Warriors an immense defensive element next to veteran forward Draymond Green.

Despite playing less than 11 minutes against the Kings on Tuesday, it's tough to see Jackson-Davis not starting at center on opening night next season. Even regardless of where he was drafted, that's a monumental positive that can't be overseen despite the team's disappointing season. Oh, and the franchise have him under team control for another three years and a total of just $6.5 million.