Ranking 3 Free Agent Targets already proposed for the Golden State Warriors

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3. Malik Beasley

Coming off a strong season with the Milwaukee Bucks, Malik Beasley was linked to the Warriors on Wednesday by The Athletic's Kelly Iko who also referenced the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic as teams with early interest in the 27-year-old.

Ranking Beasley third here doesn't signify his potential importance, with his signing solely contingent on what happens with Thompson. If the veteran sharpshooter does re-sign, the need for Beasley drastically reduces. Sure, he could be a nice 3-and-D option who could play 15-20 minutes off the bench, but why would he agree to that role after just playing nearly 30 minutes per game for the Bucks this season?

If Thompson was to depart, then all of a sudden the mutual interest between the Warriors and Beasley could skyrocket. In such a scenario, he might be ranked at #1 on this list and not #3. Failing a trade Golden State would need to fill the Thompson role, and Beasley may be the best player to do it that's also realistically gettable in free agency.

The eight-year veteran averaged 11.3 points and 3.7 rebounds this season, having shot the three at a highly efficient 41.3% on 6.9 attempts per game. Teams like the Magic and Rockets could offer him more money, but perhaps he'd be swayed into joining the Warriors if a 25-30-minute per game role is there. For now, he's simply a Thompson insurance measure with hope the five-time All-Star will remain with the only team he's ever known.