Ranking 3 Free Agent Targets already proposed for the Golden State Warriors

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1. Jalen Smith

It's a little strange to put the least proven player at number #1 on this list, but it also demonstrates the importance of a player with the skills that Jalen Smith possesses. Again, this is under the proviso that Thompson remains with the Warriors, otherwise both Melton and Beasley should be prioritized over him.

The reality is that we're talking about guys who will potentially be making $5-6 million -- not usually the types who are hugely impactful on winning unless they're a star on their rookie contract. However, someone like Porter was so important because of how he connected Warrior lineups as a shooting threat in the front court. It's the reason he started the final three games of the 2022 NBA Finals.

Golden State have been unable to cover that loss, though they've tried with both Saric and before that JaMychal Green. Now, Kawakami has proposed Smith as the franchise's latest attempt to fill the void.

Look, the chances are that Smith produces far similar to that of Green and Saric than he does to Porter. His relative inexperience at 24-years-old is both a blessing and a curse -- he's not a veteran playoff performer the Warriors should probably target, but he does have greater upside than those older alternatives would.

If the Warriors did take a chance, they're getting someone who shot 59.2% from the floor and 42.4% from three-point range this season. Smith is a good rebounder, a stronger finisher, and someone who's capable of making defenses pay from beyond the arc. Defensively it might be more of a question mark, but perhaps you could pair him a lot with Draymond Green to help alleviate those issues.

The Warriors' depth wasn't an issue this season, it was more the stylistic fits of the players they had which led to constant lineup and rotation changes. Why not take a chance on someone who fills a need and brings something different to the table? It's the sort of high-risk v high-reward play the franchise needs to take, hence why Smith should sit above Beasley and Melton in terms of free agency priority.