Ranking 3 Proposed Lauri Markkanen Trades for the Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
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2. All-Rookie First Team member heads to the Jazz

If Danny Ainge can't get his hands on Kuminga (which he'll probably demand anyway), then at the very least you'd expect him to ask for impressive young guard Brandin Podziemski. The 21-year-old had a huge rookie season, culminating in All-Rookie First Team Honors for the 19th overall pick in last year's draft.

Can the Warriors subtract Kuminga and add Podziemski in this slightly altered deal Siegel proposes?


This is certainly more palatable from a Golden State standpoint. As good as Podziemski was in his rookie season, he probably doesn't hold the high-end upside that Kuminga does and therefore presents less risk in making the franchise regret it in the coming years.

The same picks are going out the door, but at least on this occasion you've got a quartet of Lauri Markkanen, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody and Trayce Jackson-Davis -- a reasonable young core to try and ensure that those don't covey into top tier lottery selections.

Payton and Looney as the outgoing salaries absolutely makes sense -- the former is now one of a glut of shooting guards on the roster, with the additions of De'Anthony Melton and Buddy Hield suggesting his time at the franchise may be on borrowed time. Looney saw a steep decline last season as Jackson-Davis developed, with the addition of Kyle Anderson also presenting as another option in the front court next season.

While it would be difficult to see Podziemski depart, this is certainly a deal Golden State should consider in giving them a potential starting five of Stephen Curry, De'Anthony Melton, Jonathan Kuminga, Lauri Markkanen and Draymond Green.