Ranking 4 proposed buyout targets for the Golden State Warriors

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz
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2. Andre Drummond

Drummond's name had been bandied about as a potential trade option for the Warriors ahead of the deadline, but that was ultimately not forthcoming. Now, Poole has listed the 30-year-old as a potential buyout option, though that too is highly unlikely to eventuate.

It appears the Bulls, who surprisingly did nothing at the deadline, are still intent on trying to make the playoffs. That includes keeping Drummond who's had somewhat of a renaissance with the franchise this season.

He may be well removed from his All-Star level best, but Drummond has proved a serviceable backup big in averaging 8.1 points and 8.6 rebounds in 16.7 minutes per game. Again, like Lopez, would he suit the way Golden State wants to play? Probably not.

Regardless, Drummond would be a better option than Lopez and could at least battle with Looney and Jackson-Davis for backup minutes. The Warriors should have interest were he available, but a Drummond buyout now appears like a pipe dream.

1. Otto Porter Jr.

A fan-favorite of the Warriors' 2022 championship season, Porter has since struggled with injury again after departing the franchise for the Toronto Raptors. Come deadline day and the 30-year-old was moved to the Utah Jazz in a deal that brought back Canadian Kelly Olynyk.

Since arriving in Utah, there's some question marks surrounding Porter's status. He's yet to feature in a game, including two against Golden State where he was seen mingling with former teammates pre-game.

Jazz General Manager Justin Zanik told reporters that Porter isn't fully healthy right now, but the man himself stated he's okay health-wise...so which one is it? Even Utah fans are confused and mystified.

Could Porter be bought out by the Jazz? If he were we may have heard it by now with the All-Star break nearing its conclusion. There's still time though and if he were to become available, expect the Warriors to be an interested party.

They know Porter fits the system perfectly, and they also have the confidence of knowing they're really the only team to get him predominantly healthy over the last five seasons. The former third overall pick could provide an upgrade on Dario Saric as a stretch big, and would probably be worth the risk should he be bought out.