Ranking 5 destinations for Warriors' Chris Paul should he hit NBA Free Agency

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors
San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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2. San Antonio Spurs

Joining the San Antonio Spurs wouldn't fill Paul's desire of remaining close to his family in Los Angeles, nor would it be the best place for him to continue chasing an elusive NBA championship. However, from purely an impact standpoint, there's few franchises Paul could impart his imprint on more than the Spurs.

Stein has reported the Spurs interest in Paul for some weeks, and there's no surprise as to why given their desire for a veteran point guard to make life easier for Rookie of the Year and generational talent Victor Wembanyama.

The Spurs are expected to have over $20 million in cap space, meaning they could offer more financially than many of the contending teams like the Warriors and Clippers. They could also offer Paul greater playing opportunity, perhaps even a starting role to help make Wembanyama's offense so much easier.

While winning is likely to be a major priority for Paul, the opportunity to pass on his wisdom and experience to Wembanyama and a host of other young players has to be of interest. Plus, who knows how quickly the Spurs could spring back into contention given how extraordinary Wembanyama looked this season.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

As much as it may disappoint some Warrior fans, the Los Angeles Lakers should probably be seen as favorites to sign Paul should he become a free agent. While they'd be unable to offer too much from a contractual standpoint, the Lakers would fit most of the other requirements starting with a return to Los Angeles.

Paul would finally be able to play alongside LeBron James (assuming he re-signs) on the same NBA team, something that's sure to be a driving factor. Who knows what happens with the remainder of the Lakers roster, but Paul could certainly play a significant role on a team that's going to be trying to contend for a championship yet again.

Los Angeles currently have D'Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves in their back court, both of whom Paul may be able to close over on certain nights. While playing with James would be one thing, the opportunity to play alongside an All-Star big man in Anthony Davis is something the Warriors and Clippers can't provide.

It certainly makes a lot of sense, with Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus reporting Paul to the Lakers as a "real possibility" in an episode of Buha's Block last week.