Ranking 5 proposed Jonathan Kuminga trades for the Golden State Warriors

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5. Jonathan Kuminga and Gary Payton II for Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk has long been a productive and good NBA player, helping a range of different teams with his versatile offensive skillset that's seen the 6'11" big man shoot nearly 37% from three-point range on his career.

With the Utah Jazz in rebuild mode, Olynyk does present as helpful veteran piece who may be acquirable before the trade deadline. Playoff contending teams should rightly have interest in adding the 32-year-old Canadian.

But would the Warriors make this deal? Absolutely not, or at least they shouldn't. There's a legitimate argument to be made that Kuminga AND Payton are better players than Olynyk right now, not to mention the soaring heights Kuminga could still reach.

So, giving up both in a deal for Olynyk would feel like managerial malpractice. There's also the fact that Olynyk's skillset would overlap quite somewhat with current Golden State big man Dario Saric, leaving little room for both to play off the bench.

The Warriors need top-end talent capable of being the second or third-best player on the team, which is part of the reason why they'll be hesitant to give up Kuminga who holds that potential in the future. Adding Olynyk would do nothing but add to Steve Kerr's issues on who to play and in what lineups.