Ranking 5 proposed Jonathan Kuminga trades for the Golden State Warriors

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3. Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins for Clint Capela and AJ Griffin

This is a similarly bad deal for the Warriors and is much the same in terms of trading a veteran for a veteran, and a young player for another young player. That in itself makes little sense -- why would the Warriors want to move on from Kuminga just to take another another young piece back in? There would need to be a serious upgrade for that to occur, and that's not particularly evident here.

Capela is a worse version of Allen, making him only really a slight upgrade over Jackson-Davis or Looney. The 29-year-old is still a double-double guy in 26 minutes per game, but paying Capela $22.3 million next season when Jackson-Davis is on the books for $1.9 million would be poor management.

What makes this perhaps an ever so slightly better return than the Cavaliers deal is the fact it's Wiggins going out rather than Green. For all the controversy surrounding the 33-year-old this season, his form when on the floor has actually been quite good, especially in contrast to Wiggins. Green is a far better and more important player than Wiggins right now, even despite the suspensions.

Moving Wiggins, along with Kuminga, does present a major issue for the Warriors in regard to their point-of-attack defense. Even more responsibility would likely be placed on Gary Payton II, which wouldn't be advisable based on his recent injury history.

Given Okoro wouldn't have a huge role on the Warriors and with his contract situation, the Warriors might be better taking a higher upside prospect in Griffin. The 20-year-old has fallen out of favor with Quin Snyder this season and also spent time away for personal reasons, yet was impressive in averaging 8.9 points and 2.1 rebounds while shooting 46.5% from the floor and 39% from three in his rookie season.

Regardless, this is not a trade that lands the Warriors anywhere near the level of difference-making player they need, particularly when they're giving up a player of Kuminga's talent.