Ranking 8 star trade targets proposed for the Golden State Warriors

Warriors' Trade Targets
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If there's one thing that became apparent for the Golden State Warriors in a season that fell short of expectation, it's the need for the franchise to add greater top-end talent next to 36-year-old superstar Stephen Curry.

With Curry still one of the league's premier players, the Warriors owe it to him to provide the best possible chance at a fifth NBA championship. As such, the franchise will inevitably be linked to whomever star player becomes available this offseason.

Ranking eight proposed trade candidates that could become available for the Golden State Warriors over the coming months

Following Golden State's disappointing exit in the Play-In Tournament, The Athletic's Marcus Thompson outlined eight potential trade candidates as they seek to return to playoff and championship contention.

Thompson categorized these as (Andrew) 'Wiggins 2.0' and 'star timeline', but let's dive deeper in ranking the eight in terms of their potential impact on the Warriors -- with some consideration on contract value and cost of acquiring them.

8. Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine certainly fits the bill when it comes to Golden State needing more shot-creation outside Curry, with the Chicago Bulls' guard having averaged over 20 points and nearly four assists for his career. The 29-year-old shoots over 46% from the floor and a healthy 38.2% from three-point range across his decade in the league, but there's genuine question marks on his winning impact given he's only ever played at total of four playoff games.

This is what makes LaVine a classic 'Wiggins 2.0' prospect, though his exorbitant contract -- three years and nearly $140 million remaining -- is the real stinger for any rival interested in acquiring him. He's also built a fair injury history to be wary of, including playing just 25 games this season before undergoing foot surgery.

LaVine may be the most realistic target for Golden State on this list, but there's a host of reasons for that. The combination of contract and injury history, along with the questionable fit in the Warrior system, means the franchise should have little interest.