Ranking 8 star trade targets proposed for the Golden State Warriors

Warriors' Trade Targets
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7. Myles Turner

Once in a myriad of trade speculation, Myles Turner remains in Indiana and is now playing an integral part in a Pacers team that's just reached the second-round of the playoffs. That in itself should put this in the unrealistic basket, with little chance that the 28-year-old gets moved anywhere let alone the Warriors.

Golden State should certainly have interest if Tuner were available. His combination of shooting and shot-blocking is something the franchise is desperately searching for, with the duo of he and Draymond Green sure to provide an excellent blend of both ends of the floor.

However, Turner isn't a star by any means and while he'd be an upgrade, his addition would be no guarantee of the Warriors pushing up into the playoffs, let alone back into genuine championship contention. He's never averaged more than 18 points per game, and perhaps his three-point shooting is a little overrated at a career 35.4%. A nice potential acquisition sure, but not one that's overly realistic nor one that would have the sort of impact Golden State probably need.

6. DeMar DeRozan

A free agent coming off a three-year, $81.9 million deal, the Warriors would need to orchestrate a sign-and-trade for DeMar DeRozan which in itself makes things complicated. The 34-year-old continues to defy age, having played a career-high 37.8 minutes per game this season while averaging 24 points and 5.3 assists.

Having someone like DeRozan could have made a world of difference for Golden State in their Play-In elimination against the Sacramento Kings, with Curry placed under all sorts of pressure amid little support.

DeRozan would certainly help in that aspect, particularly late in games where he's made a living of knocking down clutch shots. His fit with the Warriors is far from perfect though, with the lack of three-point shooting potentially harming a starting lineup that already lacks that in the frontcourt. Given that, his age, and the reasonably hefty contract the franchise would have to pay, there's certainly better options to look at.