Ranking 8 star trade targets proposed for the Golden State Warriors

Warriors' Trade Targets
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5. Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray presents as a very similar on-court option to DeRozan -- someone who does their best work in the mid-range while also being capable of acting as a secondary ball-handler and playmaker.

DeRozan may be the slightly better player right now, but age and defensive upside probably sways things into Murray's favor. At 27 he should still be on the improve with the hope that within a better system he'd rediscover the defensive impact that saw him named to the All-NBA Defensive Second Team in 2018.

Murray's addition would create a crowded backcourt were Klay Thompson to re-sign, but the veteran sharpshooter has already tasted and reasonably succeeded in a bench role this season. A Murray trade is certainly worth exploring, though it’s not someone you’d give up the entire farm for.

4. Brandon Ingram

An injury to Zion Williamson put pay to the New Orleans Pelicans’ chances of advancing to the second-round of the playoffs, but nonetheless Brandon Ingram was disappointing under the weight of extra responsibility.

That could lead to the Pelicans exploring the idea of splitting up the Ingram/Williamson combination, particularly given both have proven themselves injury-prone over recent seasons. The issue with an Ingram trade is that the Pelicans would likely be looking to upgrade, while the Warriors would simply be offering Andrew Wiggins and young/future assets. Perhaps Wiggins would intrigue New Orleans as more of a three-and-D type to fit with Williamson, or maybe a third-team could get involved with another asset the Pelicans covet.

From an on-court perspective Ingram would fit the mould of adding another All-Star level scorer, though the spacing issues in the frontcourt would likely only worsen with him instead of Wiggins. A healthy Ingram would probably have more impact than Murray and he’s younger than DeRozan, but it’s still not a perfect upgrade by any means.