Ranking every Golden State Warriors' player by trade likelihood

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat
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The Golden State Warriors have stumbled out of the blocks to start the season, with their 10-12 record a far cry from their championship ambitions heading into the new campaign.

The Warriors need to turn things around quickly in order to avoid a wasted season, one where franchise star Stephen Curry is averaging 29.4 points per game on 43.2% three-point shooting.

Which Golden State Warriors' players are most likely to be moved before February's mid-season trade deadline?

Golden State have plenty of room for improvement, whether it be through their younger players or greater production from struggling veterans like Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Kevon Looney.

But if the franchise can't shift their fortunes internally, they're going to need to source outside help in order to revive their season. The longer this uninspired and underwhelming start continues, the greater chance that is of happening.

The trade deadline is officially 12PM PT on February 8, giving the Warriors less than two months to assess which moves (if any) they wish to make. Only one player should be considered wholeheartedly untouchable, making 13 players at least tradable in theory.

December 15 is also an important date, with that signalling the end of restrictions on trading recently-signed free agents. From a Warrior standpoint that makes Draymond Green, Dario Saric and Corey Joseph eligible to be dealt, while it also opens up possibilities to acquire a host of players around the league.

With the deadline approaching, let's rank every Warrior player in likelihood of being traded within the next two months. We'll start with 14 (least likely to be traded) before moving down to the eventual number one (most likely to be traded).