Ranking every Golden State Warriors' player by trade likelihood

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat
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10. Kevon Looney

After a solid start to the season, Looney's form has tapered over recent times to the point where he hasn't played 20 minutes in any of the last four games. That, combined with his $7.5 million salary, has some fans contemplating whether he could or should be part of a trade package over the coming months.

The answer to that is almost assuredly no. Looney's been one of the most consistent and reliable players for the franchise over recent seasons, and therefore trading him after a few bad weeks would be unjust. There's also the fact that he's so much more valuable to the Warriors than he is elsewhere -- beyond what he does from an on-court standpoint, he helps drive the culture with Steve Kerr last season labelling Looney as the 'moral compass' of the team.

9. Gary Payton II

Like Looney, Payton is just so much more valuable to Golden State than opposing teams. The franchise found out how much the defensive-minded guard brought when they let him walk in the 2022 offseason, only to bring him back in a four-team deal that saw them trade former number two overall pick James Wiseman.

The Warriors lack a lot in the way of point-of-attack defense, making Payton a crucial element to their rotation when he's fully healthy and available. Sure, the $8.7 million salary could be helpful in a trade, but you'd expect Golden State to find the finances from elsewhere.