Ranking every Golden State Warriors' player by trade likelihood

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat
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4. Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins' form has been nothing short of a disaster so far this season, quickly turning his contract from a team-friendly one to a deal the Warriors may want to get off of. The 28-year-old should theoretically be in his prime, yet instead looks a shell of someone that was the second-best player on a championship team less than two years ago.

Wiggins is making $24.3 million this season, then has another three years at about $85 million including a player option in 2026-27. It's not untradeable by any means, and could re-emerge as a great deal if he can ever get back to his 2022 All-Star level form. Either way, the Warriors won't be trading Wiggins just to get off his contract, they'll be moving him in order to find a major upgrade that reignites their title hopes.

Could that happen? Maybe. However, Wiggins' defense still holds value to the Warriors and they'll probably back themselves and their man in to turn things around and once again become the player they need him to be.

3. Moses Moody

Like Podziemski, Moody has been a major positive for Golden State early this season. In fact, his form may make it easier for the franchise to deal one of their other wings like Thompson or Wiggins, opening up more playing opportunity for the 21-year-old.

By the same token, dealing one of the veteran pieces for an upgrade would require the Warriors to throw in young and future assets. Moody has re-established his value somewhat, presenting as a ready-now piece for lottery and playoff teams alike. The former 14th overall pick is in the same bracket as Podziemski as someone the franchise will want to keep, but won't be averse to losing should the return be worth it.