Ranking every Golden State Warriors' player by trade likelihood

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat
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2. Chris Paul

Of all the veteran/big money pieces the Warriors could trade, Paul still sits above Wiggins and Thompson as the most likely to be moved. The 38-year-old has been good for Golden State -- he's been better than Wiggins and Thompson for much of the season -- but it doesn't change the fact he's somewhat surplus to requirements.

Paul is a backup point-guard behind Curry -- a very good one no doubt, but still not worth the $30.8 million he's making this season. He's in a far less important role than Wiggins and is making over $6 million more, while also not holding the kind of franchise legacy that Thompson does.

It's not to say the Paul-Warriors experiment has been a failure, but with how Podziemski has impressed as a backup guard, the franchise could probably do with moving the 12-time All-Star for help in the frontcourt.

1. Jonathan Kuminga

The next two months or so could be a major make-or-break period for Jonathan Kuminga's career, with the third-year forward having not quite taken the leap many expected after a blistering preseason.

Even the last two games have been a major rollercoaster, signifying the 21-year-old's career to this point. He was completely out of the rotation in the first-half against the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, only to end up playing the final 17 minutes in helping to revive a Golden State victory.

He followed that up with a season-high 24 points and a career-high 12 rebounds against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, yet he also fouled out in overtime and was a team-low -15 on the night.

The talent is most certainly there, and teams will hold significant interest in trying to get their hands on the former seventh overall pick. Much of Kuminga's inconsistencies can be placed on the franchise and in particular the coaching staff, meaning this isn't just a case of what the Warriors can get for him, but just as much about owing it to him and his career to be in an environment that will allow him to spread his wings.