Optimistic report card not indicative of Golden State Warriors disappointment

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics
Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

After a season often full of uncertainty, the Golden State Warriors appear to have bedded down an identity over the past six weeks. Even if Sunday's loss to the Boston Celtics was a rather shocking embarrassment, the franchise has built a solid foundation based off the sustained form of their veterans and the ascension of some exciting young players.

The Warriors are 13-4 over their last 17 games, and 5-2 since the All-Star break despite a frantic schedule. Yet while they've achieve a reasonable sample size of high-level form, Golden State have done little in the way of rising up the standings.

A recent report card of the Golden State Warriors' season is not indicative of the disappointment they've faced through 60 games

After the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, the Warriors have again been relegated to 10th in the Western Conference. Sure, they've reached within touching distance of those between six and nine, but they haven't quite climbed the mountain to put themselves in position for at least two chances in the Play-In Tournament (if not a guaranteed playoff spot).

Is this a position Golden State had hoped or expected to be in at the start of the season? Absolutely not. This was a franchise who were looking to bounceback to championship contention after a second-round exit to the Lakers last season.

The Warriors have fallen short of their pre-season expectations, though they do have time to turn it around and still make a playoff run. While the dawn of that may have already begun, has their recent form blurred much of the disappointment?

Steve Kerr
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

That would appear the case according to Bleacher Report's Andy Bailey in a report card for every NBA team through the first three-quarters of the season. Despite being on pace to win four less games than their preseason over/under would suggest, Bailey has graded Golden State a C+ for their year to date.

"Yes, the Golden State Warriors appear headed for the under, but that's not representative of how they're playing now (and what their recent play might mean for the last quarter of the season)."

Andy Bailey

A C+ would suggest the Warriors are above expectation which would be considered a surprise to many. Based purely on their record and overall standing, the franchise shouldn't get anything more than a C- at best for their season to date.

Golden State's recent play has certainly adjusted the outlook on what they can and may do, but it will mean very little if they can't capitalize and make up for a first-half of the season that fell well below expectations.