Laker star's comment suggests Stephen Curry can use Team USA for major Warriors benefit

73rd NBA All-Star Game
73rd NBA All-Star Game / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Team USA are sending an historically strong contingent to this month's Paris Olympics, with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry one of the headliners of a star-studded 12-man roster.

Curry is the only Warrior on the roster, though the group is led by 4x Golden State championship winning coach Steve Kerr. The team began training camp in Las Vegas over the weekend, with the Olympics just a few weeks away starting on July 26.

Could Stephen Curry's time with Team USA at the Paris Olympics double as a recruiting tool for the Golden State Warriors?

International basketball provides an opportunity to play with those who are otherwise your rivals, something Curry hasn't been able to do since he last represented Team USA at the 2014 World Cup in Spain.

The international stage can also double as a recruiting process -- not just for players outside the NBA who could draw the eye of teams, but also current stars whose expanding relationships may lead to a reunion at the NBA level in the future.

It's difficult to see Curry going out of his way to recruit star USA teammates to the Warriors, but perhaps he doesn't need to. Maybe his presence on the court could be enough, with Lakers' star Anthony Davis specifically mentioning the two-time MVP after practice on Saturday.

"I tell you what, this guy named Steph Curry is phenomenal to play with -- he was on my team today and I got so many open looks. It was fun, man."

Anthony Davis

Compared to his USA teammates, Curry has had little star-level support over the past two NBA seasons. In fact, he's the only player on the 12-man roster not to have played with another All-Star or All-NBA level teammate in the last two years.

While he'll be able to play in a star-studded team at the Olympics, time is running out for Golden State to add another star alongside Curry in order to rejuvenate more attempts at NBA glory. The franchise has only had one All-Star outside the 36-year-old since 2019 -- Andrew Wiggins' lone appearance in 2022.

This may provide the opportunity for Curry to showcase how beneficial it can be to play in the same uniform as him -- the same could even be said for Kerr as coach, but perhaps to a lesser extent. Who knows what could happen in the future, with these tournaments holding the potential of meaning so much more than just winning the Gold Medal.