Should Steve Kerr consider drastic rotation shift for injury-hit Golden State Warriors?

Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies
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The Golden State Warriors are facing a significant uphill battle right now, with the challenge only made more difficult by current injuries to key trio Chris Paul, Moses Moody and Gary Payton II.

Steve Kerr's rotation has subsequently been shortened, having seen all starters play in excess of 41 minutes in Saturday's double overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The rotation went 10 deep in the 145-144 defeat, though Kevon Looney and Trayce Jackson-Davis each played less than six minutes.

Should head coach Steve Kerr run an eight-man Golden State Warriors rotation until reinforcements return from injury?

Kerr's decision to go to Jackson-Davis over Looney was a notable aspect of the second-half, particularly given the veteran center had lost his starting spot in a revamped starting lineup that featured Draymond Green as the five-man.

Looney's had a poor year by his standards, having averaged career-highs across the board last season. Despite having a stretch back in the starting unit before Saturday's game, the struggles have largely continued for the 27-year-old.

Looney has recored a positive plus-minus just once in the last eight games, with the three-time champion a cumulative -43 during that stretch. If Green is going to start and Jackson-Davis is preferred, then we may be looking at Looney receiving some DNP's moving forward.

Kevon Looney
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The other frustration for many comes in the form of Cory Joseph, with the veteran point-guard having averaged over 15 minutes in eight games since Chris Paul was sidelined by a fractured hand suffered on January 5.

Criticism of Joseph is a bit unfair given he's not in the regular rotation, but regardless the numbers don't lie. Golden State are a -24 with him on the floor over the eight games, and fans are often left wondering what exactly he does that's overly productive.

Is there a world in which both Looney and Joseph are cut from the rotation, leaving an eight-man lineup while Paul, Moody and Payton remain out? It's incredibly unlikely, yet perhaps one Kerr should consider.

Eight-man rotations should be left for the playoffs, not halfway through the regular season. However, the Warriors have got themselves to a point where they have to almost treat every outing as a playoff game. With a 19-24 record, they can't afford the losses to keep on coming.

The urgency has been shown in Green moving to the starting five spot, so why not take another step and shorten the rotation even further? Do all you can to close the gap on the 7-10 seeds before reinforcements return post All-Star break.