Warriors 'dream' free agent target flies in face of desperate roster need

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors
Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors appeared to make a concerted adjustment to their offseason plans last year, having seemingly placed greater emphasis and priority on high IQ players who would fit the system first and foremost.

Even if that strategy failed to earn a playoff berth for the Warriors this season, it's not one that necessarily failed given draftees Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis, along with veteran point guard Chris Paul, proved effective in their first year with the franchise.

While he seems like a Steve Kerr type of player, free agent forward Kyle Anderson would be far from a perfect fit for the Golden State Warriors

Should Golden State employ the same strategy again, then Kyle Anderson certainly appears like a free agent target who would fit the mold of a warrior-style player given his blend of experience, size and passing ability.

In fact, in an article last week looking at dream free agency targets for every NBA team, Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz identified Anderson as the ideal target for the Warriors this offseason.

"The 6'9" Anderson is able to play either forward position and can run point guard for stretches. He's a strong passer and solid defender who could be a sixth man for Golden State. With the Minnesota Timberwolves projected to be a second-apron team, they might not be willing to re-sign Anderson. The Warriors should see if their taxpayer MLE is enough to lure him away."

Greg Swartz

Coming off a two-year, $18 million contract, signing Anderson to the taxpayer mid-level exception would certainly be considered a major steal for Golden State. The 30 year old averaged 6.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4.2 assists this season, playing a major role in helping the Minnesota Timberwolves reach the Western Conference Finals.

Anderson would certainly be a nice acquisition for the Warriors, but he's far from a perfect one given the need for more shooting in the front court. The 6'9" forward shot a paltry 22.9% from three-point range during the regular season and 25% during the playoffs, with opposing teams willingly leaving him open from beyond the arc.

With Draymond Green, Jonathan Kuminga, Trayce Jackson-Davis and Kevon Looney already on the roster, adding Anderson to the mix would further complicate front court combinations given the lack of shooting.

Other rival teams are sure to have more interest than the Warriors, and will subsequently offer Anderson more money, more playing opportunity, and perhaps a greater chance at the deep playoff success he tasted with the Timberwolves this season.