Warriors hopes of adding all-time great duo nothing but a pipe dream

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers
Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages

Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson-LeBron James-Kevin Durant-Draymond Green. It's a wildly hypothetical lineup but technically not an impossible one for the Golden State Warriors to conjure ahead of next season.

James and Durant, arguably two of the greatest three players in the league across the past 15 years, have been speculated as potential offseason targets for the Warriors given the uncertainty surrounding the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers respectively.

While they could technically acquire LeBron James AND Kevin Durant, landing both is nothing but a pipe dream for the Golden State Warriors

Bringing in one of James or Durant would be blockbuster offseason move that's hard to topple. Acquiring both would go down in history as one of the most audacious and extraordinary doube players ever seen in professional sport.

It's the stuff of fantasy, nothing but a hypothetical saved for contemplation and nothing more. Even still, it's a dream that's been considered by The Athletic's Tim Kawakami ahead of a big offseason.

"I admit it, yes, I’ve also wondered about the prospect of the Warriors pledging to the Grand Unifying Superstar Theory this summer. And I’m sure that Joe Lacob has led 10 or 20 whiteboard sessions to figure out how they might be able to put Stephen Curry with his two highest-profile Team USA teammates for the Paris Olympics. Because it isn’t impossible. Not technically."

Tim Kawakami

So, how would the Warriors exactly make it happen? Durant and his $51.2 million contract would have to be traded for, likely in a package involving Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, more salary and future draft assets.

James would then need to opt out of his own $51.4 million deal for next season, declaring himself an unrestricted free agent. The 39-year-would would then need to sign a veteran's minimum or mid-level exception deal with Golden State, an idea that could be aided by the franchise drafting his son Bronny with their second-round pick in this year's draft.

It's possible but a pipe dream. As Kawakami points out, there's too many hurdles to jump through that makes obtaining even one of them highly unlikely. Does Durant even want out of Phoenix? If he does, the Suns aren't going to want to help the Warriors out by trading him back to the Bay. If James opts out of his contract, it's expected he'll re-sign on a multi-year deal with the Lakers rather than sacrifice in excess of $40 million on next season's deal.

Golden State are expected to be active in trade discussions this offseason, though they'll likely have to aim for a rung or two below the likes of James and Durant in their search to return to the playoffs in 2025.