Warriors trade targets ranked from probable to pipe dream

Breaking down the likelihood of the Warriors successfully landing certain trade targets.
Kyle Kuzma
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Bruce Brown

Perhaps the most unrealistic trade target that the Warriors may try to go after is Bruce Brown. The high-octane combo guard was recently traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Toronto Raptors in order for Indiana to acquire All-Star wing Pascal Siakam.

Brown signed with the Pacers in the offseason after helping lead the Denver Nuggets to the 2023 NBA championship. All indicators were that he was ready to continue his career in Indiana, but now things have taken a turn for him with his move to Toronto.

It seems much more unlikely that Brown would want to remain with the Raptors, with him already giving speculative quotes about how he would play well for Tom Thibodeau in New York. The Warriors would be thrilled to put together a package to land Brown, but it is unlikely they would be able to offer all that Toronto would likely be seeking.

Golden State is rumored to be open to parting ways with Andrew Wiggins as well as Chris Paul, but neither player is expected to be particularly attractive to teams seeking to make a move. Paul is on an expiring contract and Wiggins' value has plummeted this season.

The Warriors would likely have to include Jonathan Kuminga and/or draft capital to get a deal done, but doing so would mean punting on their future for the low chance Bruce Brown gives them what they need to get back to contender status.

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