Warriors veteran surprisingly seen as ambitious trade target for league cellar dwellers

Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

While almost everyone on the Golden State Warriors roster could find themselves in trade discussions this offseason, there remains an overwhelming thought that Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are simply inseparable.

The pair's chemistry on the court remains unmatched, leading to a common belief that the Warriors can't or won't trade Green despite the ongoing headaches he's caused the franchise in recent years.

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green has been identified as an ambitious trade target for the Detroit Pistons this offseason

Green may have missed 21 games this season through two seperate suspensions, but there's no major sense that Golden State will dump the four-time champion just one year into the four-year contract he signed 12 months ago.

Still, Green's place on the team isn't quite assured according to Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes, with the veteran forward recently singled out as an ambitious trade target for the struggling Detroit Pistons.

"With up to $64 million in cap space at its disposal, Detroit could easily absorb Green's $24.1 million salary without needing to send anything but picks back to the tax-hit Golden State Warriors. This hypothetical assumes the Pistons are still in search of veterans to fast-track a dragging rebuild and that the Dubs have had enough of Green's disruptive behavior to get off his contract in a money-saving move."

Grant Hughes

Hughes' proposal does have some merit given the Warriors have been vocal on their desire to cut salary, along with the Pistons need for a proven veteran presence who can re-establish some sort of winning culture.

A move to Detroit would also be a homecoming for Green who was born in Michigan and played four years of college there. However, outside of the go-home factor, it's difficult to see the 34-year-old finding motivation on a young, rebuilding team whose 14-68 record was the worst in the league this season.

Ultimately it wouldn't be Green's call to make, but regardless it's hard to envisage Golden State making this deal despite their financial concerns. The Warriors will likely get out of the second-tax apron depending on what happens with Klay Thompson and Chris Paul this offseason, while Andrew Wiggins would likely be moved before Green should they want to cut further salary.

It's also unlikely that the Pistons would give up much in terms of picks, at least not without heavy protections considering the precarious position they find themselves. It also shouldn't be assumed that Detroit would even want Green to be their culture-setter given his string of unsavoury incidents over recent seasons.

Another one or two of those serious indiscretions and the Warriors may decide to give up on Green, but they don't appear to have reached that point yet let alone in a deal that would only bring back draft picks.